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What our customers have to say about us!

Hi Shiloh, 
I just received my package from you. I was very impressed with the care you took to wrap everything.
I love all the products. Thanks so much for the bonus items, I really appreciate it. Also the 20% off coupon. I'll be sure to use it before expiration.

Your products are so nice. I give them as gifts at Christmas. It is very dry and cold here in Flagstaff in the winter and I love how soft your products make my skin without a heavy greasy feel.

keep up the good work and thanks again for your personal attention!

cindy difranco


From a customers blog that was forwarded to us and gave us 5 stars!!! Thanks so much!!!

Im a lover of the little guy, or gal in this case.

I first found Shidon at Fiesta de Artes in
Los Gatos several years ago and fell in love with the products. The first item I bought was a Raspberry Lemonade lotion and body butter. It was so fresh and summery - and all the boys kept asking about it. I remember Shidon talking about how she was struggling to get things going with her business and was trying to make lotions and soaps while managing kids....I wished her the best and hoped she would prosper.

A couple of years later and she looks like she is doing great. She has a great philosphy of keeping things natural and good for the environment and you. Her products all smell fabulous and work great. My personal fav is the Tahitian Vanilla scrub. Not only does it make my skin ultra soft but it is hands down the best smelling vanilla product I have used. Trust me, Mrs. Self Proclaimed South Bay Product Whore knows her true vanilla scents.

The best part is it smells like it sounds, unlike some mall brand body stores that have over processed their scents.

Shidon has expanded her line to include shampoo, bath oils and candles and has added some new scents that I plan to try.

I am so happy for her and am placing an order today! Kitty…
San Jose, Ca.
Dear Shiloh,
Thank you so much for recommending the lavender eucalyptus shea butter for my skin. I have had eczema most of my adult life and this is the first product to heal my severely dry skin. I had red, dry, cracked skin on my legs and nothing seemed to heal it completely, even products from my dermatologist.  The shea butter even stopped the itching. I have been using it on my young children too, because they have skin like mine.   I feel comfortable using your products on my whole family because they are made from all natural ingredients. Thanks again!
 Sincerely, Anna Weiss
Thank you SO MUCH!
My family and I were driving from Portland, OR to Disneyland in March and on the way back we ended up in some town in California (can't even remember the name) and happened on a street fair. Your products were on one of the tables, and my daughter and I LOVED the black amber scent, so we bought one of the scrubs. It has become a household favorite! All of us (daughter, husband, self) LOVE IT! We've now used up almost all of it and wanted more, but the writing on the label was all worn off, so I googled (black+amber+body+scrub+
california) and FOUND YOU. I couldn't believe my luck!
Thank you so much for such a great product, obviously made with care.

, OR
Dear, Shiloh
Thanks so much for sending such a generous box filled with so many goodies!!! You really made my mother's day. I have to say that this is the best costomer service! I love your products, and I will continue to spread the word about your body butters. Last summer when I first discovered your products, I couldn't beleive how good they were. My sisters (all three) stole my body butters because they loved it so much too. Now, they will have plenty of Shidon products for mother's day!
Thank You again, and I hope you have a wonderful mother's day! Sincerely, Angela Rojas
I got the candles in the mail today!  I am so happy with them...they are amazing and smell like no other candle I've ever smelled or burned!! 
Thank you! Nicole
Hi Shiloh,
Happy Tuesday!  I hope you got my voice mail that I left last night.  Your products are AWESOME!  I had a very long day at work yesterday and I decided that relaxing in the tub and trying your products would be a good test :-).  I loved everything and look forward to future business with you. 
Thank you so very much.
My name is Lilly on this last weekend I bought a few products from you at
world fest! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE them, the scrub
i got was amazing! I say was because I have already used all of it!
Lillian C. Dunstheimer
  “Shiloh is a creative genius who makes exceptional products. I have used Shiloh again and again for gift-giving occasions. Her candles and bath products are always a hit and everyone I give her products to reorders from her. She is always willing to help me with last minute orders even during busy holiday seasons. I highly recommend Shiloh and her FABULOUS products.”
Charlene Ross
“I first found Shiloh's products in 2007 at an Arts & Crafts fair and bought a body scrub on a whim. I really loved the smell of the product and after using it for a while decided to buy more of her products and have introduced several friends to her line of products, who have made several purchases as well. She offers a great value for a natural line of products.”
Lisa Pozarich
Shiloh was very helpful in helping me get the products I was seeking. The product line was out of season, but Shiloh got them added to Shidon's website and mailed out to me anyway. I love Shidon's products and Shiloh represented the company in a personable and professional way.”
Sherry Rumsey
“There is no catagory to say that I "BUY" from Shiloh..just "hire"...lol ..but I started BUYING her products last year and recommend her to everyone! She is personal when ordering...listens to what you want and tries to accommodate your needs and desires. Her shipping is 100%...on time, well packaged, no breaks or leaks! :) I think Finding Shiloh in Santa Monica was a blessing to me...since organic products for my skin are so important in my life but usually SO EXPENSIVE and the shops that usually carry "organic" product..make you feel guilty for not being able to afford more than 1 or 2 things...because it's so expense! If you're "feeling" me...then..Shidon Naturals...there ya go! tada! I have a hectic life and with the meetings I usually I carry into my home.. I believe aroma therapy is EQUALLY important for one's sanity and comfort....ESPECIALLY if you have to work late in the night... ;P her candles are GREAT!!!!! (people really can under estimate the power of smell ;} But I've seen it calm people and make people enjoy the "present" moment....which is rare.) The candles burn so evenly and you REALLY do smell the fragrance so well and no worrying about "synthetic" fumes in the air!!! Her PRICES like I said before..she is a blessing for those on a "regular" income but want to buy what is good for their body. I just don't think it's right that a person needs to be wealthy, just to take care of themselves and their family. This sounds so like "I'm getting paid for saying this" BUT....I'm not...I'm VERY happy to say that you can afford to take care of skin and create a "happy place"..lol...in your mind with amazing fragrances from her candles.....and...who can have enough candles..right? keep go'in Shiloh! Don't EVER go out of business!!!”
Heather Patch
“Shidon Naturals created by Shiloh Kitchen bring deliciousness and beauty to my every day personal care. My favorite is the Tahitian Vanilla Body Scrub. You can almost feel the warm caress of the breezes of Bora Bora!”
Rhonda Richey
Dear Shiloh,
I have had Psoriasis for the past ten years. As a result of this awful skin problem - my entire body is dry and flaky. I can't tell you how much I love your scrub! I use it every morning in the shower and my skin feels so much better.
Your products are wonderful and I am so pleased I found you.
Best Always, Sandy Benson
  Shiloh -

Just wanted to thank you for the package I received on my doorstep 
today. I was quite pleased with the discount that you had given me 
and then I found the peony candle nestled amongst the packing. Then, 
imagine my surprise when I found the additional bottle of body oil. I 
really appreciate all of the personal attention you gave my order and 
will be sure to tell my friends to try your products. (In fact, I 
think I have a friend hooked already on the mango coconut oil!!  
She's going to Lotusland this weekend and I told her that she will be 
able to find some of your products there.)

You made my day and definitely have a very satisfied customer!!

Have a great weekend -
 I wanted to contact you and get a price sheet because I am interested in
getting more.

My girlfriend loves your product and my roommate does as well (he's been
sneaking into my stash of the body scrub).

I live in
Santa Monica, where would be the closest place to pick some stuff
up, or is it easier to order?

 We received the scrub and my wife loves it; thanks again for your generosity. 
I must admit, we recently went to Hawaii and got too much sun, and after we got back and the sunburn ran its course and our new skin was healed and the old was peeling off, I hopped on the bandwagon and used the scrub for a few days with excellent results.  So I smelled like flowers for few days; it was well worth it!  Thanks again for making such great products!

Justin and Christina Kerns
I love the way your candles hold their scent and
burn evenly.
Arturo Salgado
 Shiloh I love You! Thank you soooo much. I love my box of goodness. I am your biggest fan. Anyone reading this YOU MUST BUY SHILOH'S STUFF!! The body scrub is my favorite but really all of it is wonderful and every scent smells like what I imagine heaven would smell like.... Muah! Have a great weekend!
Amy Davis Roth
Dear Shidon,
 My family and I love all your products. The soy candles, the scrubs and your Shea butter creams are all top notch and are used daily in the Kantor household but my favorite product is your anti-aging spray. I keep it with me in my car and I give it a few blasts onto my face and wow, I’m instantly rejuvenated. It also acts mysteriously as a great stress buster with its calming ingredients. Continue success on your bath and body business…
The Kantor Family
I fell in love with your products. I have been using all kinds of soaps and scrubs for a long time, and I was not satisfied with anything. I was so happy when I came across your scrubs. I don't have to keep on searching for a better scrub, because I found the best! Both my husband and I are hooked.
Thank you for always having everything ready in timely manner and for everything!
Raseel Nizam
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your soaps!
I live in Portland. OR; my daughter lives in N. Hollywood, works as an admin assistant, takes classes at CSUN, and lives on a pretty tight budget. She asked what I wanted for Hanukah. I was trying to think of something affordable, obtainable, unique, that I would like. I love the handmade soaps here in Oregon, so I said "get me some soap made in California". I believe she was visiting a Farmer's Market, and was mentioning that her mother wanted soap made in California (probably in a world-weary voice), and whoever was selling your product overheard her, and said "I have that!"
Sure enough, she bought me two soaps, very different from the kind I usually buy, and I love them! They are much more fragranced than my usual soaps, but the fragrance is very light after my shower, and the whole experience feels quite luxurious.
Thanks for enabling a win/win with my daughter, and for making my mornings a true pleasure.
Karla Forsythe










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