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aromatherapy shampoo > 8 oz. fresh grapefruit and bergamot shampoo
8 oz. fresh grapefruit and bergamot shampoo

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This is the freshest of all of our shampoo's and Donny's favorite! Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oils revive the mind while stimulating your soul... This shampoo works well on all hair types and works great on fine/oily hair types. Grapefruit essential oil also works great in promoting hair growth.

Grapefruit essential oil has an uplifting effect on the mood and helps with stress and depression. It is used with great success to combat muscle fatigue and stiffness while stimulating the lymphatic system and thereby clearing the body of toxins. It helps to clear congested oily skin and also assists with acne, while toning the skin and tissues.

Bergamot essential oil has a powerful effect on stimulating the scalp and has a superb antiseptic effect and inflammations such as cystitis.