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4 oz. ultra shea body butter

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By drizzling, red raspberry oil and all natural essential oils into this incredible healing, all natural free-trade, ultra-refined, shea butter, we have created a body butter that your skin will absorb with love and joy! As always, our free-trade, ultra-refined shea body butter is 100% paraben free!

Did you know... Shea Butter is a natural healing product? It is used by most of the cosmetics laboratories in Europe and the United States. It is revered as an extremely effective skin moisturizer because of its high content of non-saponifiable fats including keratin, allantoin and vitamin E. Clinical observations suggest Shea Butter increases local capillary circulation, which in turn increase tissue re-oxygenation and improves the elimination of metabolic waste products. Traditional uses of Shea Butter include: treatments for dry skin, aging skin, eczema, scars and wrinkles, blemishes, skin discoloration, chapped lips and skin, burns, a relaxer for stiff muscles, as an aid for pain from swelling and arthritis, and even as a sun screen. Every body needs a little, (or a lot) of Shea Butter. Enjoy!

Ingredients: naturally refined shea butter, rosehip oil, red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, argan oil, rose hip extract, carrot extract, dulse extract, mallow extract and fragrance or essential oil 

What one of or customers has to say about our Lavender Eucalyptus Ultra Shea Butter...

Dear Shiloh,

Thank you so much for recommending the lavender eucalyptus shea butter for my skin. I have had eczema most of my adult life and this is the first product to heal my severely dry skin. I had red, dry, cracked skin on my legs and nothing seemed to heal it completely, even products from my dermatologist.  The shea butter even stopped the itching. I have been using it on my young children too, because they have skin like mine.   I feel comfortable using your products on my whole family because they are made from all natural ingredients. Thanks again!

 Sincerely, Anna Weiss

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 Handmade in Long Beach, Ca.