Hi, there!

We just wanted to thank from the bottom of our hearts the customers that have stuck by us while we were going through a transition. I thought we would permanently close. However things are looking up. We will have a space to work in again next month and get back to making products.

There will be some changes, we will be making more organic only products and focus on natural facial and skin care. Any candles we make will be all soy and only organic essential oils and natural colors. Due to Shiloh's Lupus and the reason why we had to close. We have figured out some of the products Shiloh was making and the few fragrance type products were causing some of her problems.

So yes things will be different and we may even change the name. But, we will do our best to make any requests of old products that Nevi can make for you via email or phone. We will keep you all posted on our launch next month. So check your emails for those of you on the mailing list!

We love you all and appreciate your patience! xoxo Shiloh and Nevi

Vayu Essentials all righs reserved / Handmade in Long Beach, Ca.