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A note from a wonderful customer!

I have thin, lifeless hair that breaks easily and takes a lot of punishment—I spend many hours out in the sun every week, saturating my hair with dirt, sweat and sand. I mash it under a helmet when I ride horses and pull it into a pony tail when I go ballroom dancing, usually with any rubber band that I can find which is not always hair-friendly. My hair is not dry, nor is it oily as long as I wash it regularly, so I mainly look for products that will increase the volume.

I am also cheap, so I am always looking for shampoos and conditioners that will repair the damage to my hair make it look fuller and keep it looking shiny and feeling soft without straining my wallet. I generally change brands every time I get a new bottle to avoid build-up and take advantage of whatever is on sale. Here are a few of my favorite shampoos and conditioners.

Shidon Naturals Calming Lavender Eucalyptus Shampoo  is not cheap, but it's worth every penny. When you use it, the eucalyptus immediately makes your head feel cool and tingly, but it is also very good for headaches or respiratory trouble. The lavender is soothing and relaxing. This shampoo leaves your hair feeling luxuriously soft and fragrant and you feeling relaxed and deliciously cool.

Jennifer Walker



Our mission at Shidon Naturals still holds to my original goal: to offer the highest quality, handmade, natural body scrubs, butters, soaps, salts, lotions, oils and premium soy wax candles, containing NO harsh detergents or mineral oils or parabens or synthetic fillers. Our natural products are designed to soothe and nourish dry or irritated skin by exfoliating the top layer of dermis, and moisturizing the underneath layers, while invigorating the senses with aroma-therapeutic essential oils and botanicals. 

Personalized gifts! We have been doing baby shower and wedding gifts for years for customers who have asked... Now we will have it as part of our service's at Shidon. It seems that a lot of brides have been going for a natural and green theme at there weddings and we think it's great! Please visit our personalized gifts page for more info.




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